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A little touch of Tuscany

It is my opinion that supporting local artists contributes to the success of the community within which a business lives and breaths.  In a world where business continues to strive to be innovative and creative in order to stay ahead of the competition, original art in the workplace helps to build a dynamic work culture and environment for employees that says “think, interpret, and imagine  possibilities and solutions with an artist’s eye and from an artist’s mind-set.”  As well, supporting and recognizing local art as a business in itself, provides the financial requirements to sustain art and the artist’s commitment.  We expect the community to support and appreciate our business endeavours and so, we too, need to engage with and enter into commerce with the art community.

Koenig commissioned local Saskatoon artist, Kathy Bradshaw, to create a piece that reflected the “old European” feel of the reception area at the new office.  The painting emanates both brightness and calm in an Italian landscape and one can feel the warmth of the Tuscan sun. (

Movement: seeing the precision and integration of time with a close-up look at watch works

 Our boardroom is graced with four prints by Henry Van Seters, another local artist from Saskatoon.  He calls the four paintings “Movement”.  The fine detail and colour of his work is engaging as it speaks to time, precision, high quality, and integration.
 The local art around us is impressive and inspiring.  Every workplace should have at least several pieces of original local art.  “Art at work.”

Movement by Henry Van Seters


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Peggie leads both executive search at InTell Executive Search International and the performance improvement practice at Koenig & Associates. Her forte is organizational and individual performance improvement through pragmatic human resources strategies and executive coaching. Peggie lives in a part of Saskatoon she calls the Urban Forest. When she’s not bird-watching on her deck, she trains for marathons by running up the banks of the South Saskatchewan River.

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