Koenig will be on “the move”

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Koenig will be on “the move”
We are very excited to be embarking on a major renovation at our new building in Saskatoon.  Although we fondly refer to our little project as “the money pit”, the transformation of this industrial building into a modern space with “old world” touches has been energizing.  The staff are looking forward to having roomy offices and finally, a staff room.  I will keep you posted as we progress.


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Peggie leads both executive search at InTell Executive Search International and the performance improvement practice at Koenig & Associates. Her forte is organizational and individual performance improvement through pragmatic human resources strategies and executive coaching. Peggie lives in a part of Saskatoon she calls the Urban Forest. When she’s not bird-watching on her deck, she trains for marathons by running up the banks of the South Saskatchewan River.

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